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Understanding Chemdry Dry Technology - What Is Hot Extraction Cleaning?

With years of testing in the cleaning industry, we know that the Chemdry Dry technology carpet cleaning systems are the best in the business.  This innovative cleaning solution leaves carpets and soft furnishings cleaner, dryer and fresher.  With better results than traditional steam cleaning, why would anyone go back.


So what’s so good about our cleaning system?

Our solutions work through the process of carbonation which gives your carpets a deep clean rather than just removing superficial dirt and grim.  They provide the following benefits over traditional steam clean carpet services.

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The History of ChemDry – A Progression To Carpet Dry Cleaning In Sydney

ChemDry was founded in the USA in 1977.  The founder, Robert Harris, was a humble carpet cleaner in the 1970’s.  A traditional carpet-cleaning firm employed him, and on a daily basis he could see and had to deal with the deficiencies in the steam cleaning process.  He could only take so much before he decided to do something about it.

Robert researched chemistry over years and performed many in-house experiments to find the most effective carpet cleaning solutions.  Eventually he discovered that a carbonated solution would solve his problems.  Not only did it leave carpets and soft furnishings impressively clean, but also it was also safe and non-toxic.

Since then, the carbonated solution has gained global acceptance as one of the best carpet and upholstery cleaning methods available.  This is not by chance, and there are many good reasons why this cleaning process has become so popular.

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